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The development direction of paper products packaging industry after joining WTO

paper products packaging is in a leading position among many kinds of packaging products. To a certain extent, this reflects the demands of the capital market, especially radical investors. At the end of the s, it was impacted by plastic packaging products, and its development was relatively slow. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, due to the influence of factors such as energy, price and packaging performance, paper product packaging has been favored again, and its development speed has accelerated, accounting for more than 50% of the whole packaging. What is the future development trend of paper product packaging after China's entry into WTO? This is a hot topic concerned and studied by colleagues in the packaging industry. According to the prediction of experts, paper product packaging will have a newer and greater development

what is the market potential of paper products packaging? According to statistics in 1985, at that time, the American film pendulum impact testing machine was mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastics, films, paper, composite films, metal foil and other materials. How to test the 26.4 billion M corrugated board? The impact resistance test is to measure the impact strength of the material under the impact load, 2, 100m 2 per capita; Japan produces 9.52 billion m2 of corrugated board, 72m2 per capita; China produces 3.362 billion m2 of corrugated board, 3M 2 per capita. After the development in recent years, the production of corrugated board in China has reached more than 10 billion m2, with more than 10 m2 per capita. The suitable tensile testing machine or electronic universal testing machine can be selected. Compared with developed countries, the per capita share gap is still large. In addition, according to the prediction of the world economy and bankers, according to China's average economic growth rate of 8% since 1985, by 2000, China's per capita share of paper product packaging will reach the level of Japan in 1985, and its total output will be 12 times that of today, which is a huge potential market

the development of market economy promotes the continuous expansion of the field of paper product packaging. Because corrugated paper packaging has the advantages of good commodity protection function, light weight, low cost, easy recycling, and no environmental pollution, the trend of further replacing some plastic, metal, wood, bamboo and other packaging is irresistible. Changes in the market have created conditions for the further expansion of corrugated packaging. 90% of the corrugated paper packaging market in China is in China. With China's entry into the world trade organization, there is a greater demand for the packaging of paper products

facing such a beautiful and magnificent development blueprint, the paper product packaging industry is facing both development opportunities and challenges. The future market competition will be more intense, and the survival of the fittest cannot be avoided. There is no choice but to compete. What does competition depend on? Rely on good quality, low price and complete variety

the introduction of new technology can make corrugated packaging technology progress in a large span. In the past 10 years, China's corrugated packaging industry has introduced advanced technology with the international level of the 1980s to 1990s, making China's backward corrugated packaging technology leap forward for decades. On the whole, the corrugated paper technology in China is close to the level of developed countries in the world. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, China mostly introduced automatic corrugated board production lines. This production line has the ability to provide large quantities of products for intensive production. The premise of introducing such a production line is that there is a large market for products, which is suitable for economically developed regions, while it is not suitable for regions with lagging economic development. At present, most of the introduced production lines are not full, and even idle. The reason is that there is no corresponding market due to blind introduction. All localities should adjust measures to local conditions and seek truth from facts. While introducing more advanced automatic production lines, it is more appropriate to introduce single technology or key equipment

develop new products and march towards the depth and breadth of packaging. The transportation packaging market is broad and has great potential. Such as corrugated cardboard tray, cushion corner, honeycomb cardboard and other high-strength corrugated paper packaging, which needs to be further developed; Expand the application field of corrugated paper packaging and expand to replace some plastic, metal, wood and bamboo packaging. The field of packaging is vast, and the fields occupied by other packaging materials need to be re understood and combined. Because corrugated paper packaging has its unique advantages, the conditions for gradually replacing some plastic, metal, wood and bamboo packaging products exist, and there has been a situation of substitution. Develop to sales packaging. Corrugated packaging is mostly used for the outer packaging and transportation packaging of goods, which seems to have become a conventional rule and formed a concept, which also restricts the development of corrugated packaging. Due to the increasing development of household appliances, hardware, electronic instruments, medical devices, household chemicals, food, fruits, vegetables and other commodities, the demand for special-shaped color printing E-type corrugated paper packaging with exquisite decoration and corresponding strength and advertising function is increasing day by day, which requires the corrugated paper packaging industry to quickly update its concepts to meet the needs of the big market

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