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Carton industry: the development direction is to develop energy-saving enterprises

the market competition in China's carton industry in the past few years was very fierce. Price competition was the main means, resulting in the decline of product quality and economic benefits, which did not conform to the law of market economic development

the Third Council of the 6th China Packaging Federation proposed that "we should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the third Central Committee of the CPC and the central economic work conference, guide the development of the industry with the scientific concept of development, adjust the industrial structure, and make efforts to change the production and operation mode and the mode of economic growth"

this year is the starting year of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Whether we can complete the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" and the tasks put forward by the Third Council of the Sixth China Packaging Federation, we must work hard, overcome difficulties, explore and innovate, and make unremitting efforts to achieve a good start and sustainable, healthy and coordinated development of China's packaging industry during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

in order to implement the eleventh five year plan, adjust the industrial structure, change the production and operation mode and economic growth method, the starting point is to carry out energy-saving enterprise activities. Change the production structure, pay attention to product quality, reduce production costs, save resources for the country and improve economic benefits for enterprises

1. At present, China's carton packaging accounts for 80% of the five layer cartons, and about 20% of the three-layer cartons, while the United States and European countries first account for 15% of the five layer cartons, and about 0.85% of the three-layer cartons. According to the above situation, China wastes a lot of paper resources and increases production costs. China is lack of forests. In Chongqing IT industry and equipment manufacturing industry alone, more than 50 high-tech enterprises have accepted more than 4000 professional testing service resources provided by the laboratory. With less paper consumption, it can not only save, but also reduce 30% of the carton cost, which is beneficial to consumers. Carton enterprises can use three-layer cartons according to the weight of the contents to ensure that the physical properties meet the indicators. There is no need to use a five layer box to achieve the goal of benefiting the country, the people and the enterprise

2. Reduce paper consumption. At present, the loss rate of good enterprise base paper (the whole process from the base paper entering the factory to the finished product leaving the factory) is only 4-5%. Poor enterprises account for more than 10%. The difference in the loss rate of base paper is about 5%, that is, the loss of profits is 5%. Millions of yuan for large enterprises and hundreds of thousands of yuan for small enterprises, which is really an amazing figure, resulting in the increase of enterprise costs and the decline of economic benefits. Therefore, it is impossible to grasp it, and we must grasp it. North Korean raw materials and technology have been used to develop prefabricated perforated plastic tiles with high flexural and tensile strength. Why is the loss rate of good enterprises low? In the production process, we should pay close attention to the loss management, and send people to sort out, repair, utilize and process the liners such as liners, spacers, liners, etc. for the worn out bad films, we should take waste as treasure and reduce the paper consumption rate

3. Focus on energy conservation. Water, electricity, coal, steam and oil are the main energy shortages of the country. This year, the country adjusted the prices of major energy again. Carton factory is a big user of water, electricity, coal and gas. The boiler room energy-saving steam recovery device we promote can save a lot of water, electricity, coal, solar terms and salt. The energy-saving equipment costs tens of thousands of yuan, ranging from three months to six months. Enterprises such as Shanghai Guojia, Yinbo, Huaxing, Fuguang, etc. have achieved good results after installation. According to the survey, water saving is 55%, electricity saving is 25%, coal saving is 32%, salt saving is 34%. The installation of equipment will not affect production

the paper container packaging committee focuses on energy-saving enterprises to reduce production costs, improve economic benefits, and save resources for the country. Let the common people get benefits

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