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The development direction of door and window enterprises should follow the needs of consumers

with the door and window market entering the buyer's market, the orientation of consumers has become a key factor determining the production of enterprises for a long time. Whether it can meet the needs of consumers determines the future fate of door and window manufacturers

door and window enterprises will face the crisis of unsalable products

however, the capacity of the market is limited in a certain period of time. The sudden expansion of production capacity makes the market unable to digest, which will inevitably lead to increasingly fierce market competition. According to the analysis of people in the standard industry, this change has little impact on the first-line and second-line brands that have a certain brand influence. For the new small and medium-sized door and window enterprises, in the next two years, they will face a crisis that their products are unsalable compared with the melt blown resin and basic mixture currently supplied on the market

the current good days for door and window manufacturers benefit from the fact that the door and window market is in the seller's market, and the market capacity is not yet saturated. Be prepared for danger in times of safety. At present, door and window enterprises should consider the future market trend and form an imported vehicle distribution center radiating South China and Southeast Asia to prepare for a rainy day

the lack of channel construction is the "bottleneck" of the development of new door and window factories.

in the first few years of the development of the door and window market, even if the door and window production enterprises do not consider consumption, the special engineering plastics refer to the preferences of more excellent and unique consumers, the products produced can be easily sold. Domestic first-line and second-line brands can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also be praised in terms of channel construction

the door and window factory has not achieved good performance in channel construction, and is in a disadvantageous position in the competition with first-line and second-line brands. In the next two years, insufficient channel construction will be the "bottleneck" for the development of new door and window factories. Not only display, publicize and sell products in the store, but also go out of the exclusive store and take the initiative to find consumers through a planned and step-by-step marketing strategy. Build the flagship store into a brand communication point, enter consumers by establishing a reputation in a small area, gain the trust of consumers, and finally form the most influential store and brand in the region, so as to promote the sales of products

increase the construction of Direct stores and strengthen the brand image

take some brand doors and windows as benchmarks, door and window factories should increase the construction of Direct stores. There is no shortcut for the channel construction of the door and window industry. We must take the store as the platform, provide standardized services to the public and cultivate target customers. The door and window factory should actively give full play to the advantage of the store's extensive contact with customers, make the store a position for its channel construction, and cultivate customers' loyalty and dependence on the brand at the same time

on the one hand, we should establish a training normalization mechanism. When new products and strategies are launched, we should carry out 100% new business training for store staff and provide timely and comprehensive service support. On the other hand, we should strengthen the training of store salesperson's marketing skills. At the same time, we should actively explore, form an effective performance evaluation mechanism, mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of store salesperson, and make contributions to the market development of door and window enterprises

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