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Zhejiang Jingxing PM10 reconstruction project was successfully started

the Jingxing paper PM10 reconstruction project with a total investment of more than 100million was successfully started on June 25, and the project is expected to be accepted and put into operation in August 2020

on May 10, Jingxing paper announced that the company held the 19th meeting of the sixth board of directors on the same day, which considered and passed the proposal on technical transformation of PM10 sizing machine, and agreed to implement the technical transformation project of PM10 sizing machine. The direct investment of the project was 10.1 million, and the shutdown loss was 24.3488 million. The total of the two projects was 124.4488 million. The expected period of technical transformation was 60 days. After the transformation, the company could create 19.2332 million profits every year

the company's PM10 paper machine was officially put into operation in June 2003. The main machine is Liaoyang paper machine, with a design speed of 550 meters/minute and a coiling width of 49. The same is true for general composite materials. The original design annual production capacity of this production line was 150000 tons. After many technical improvements, the current actual annual output is 200000 tons. It mainly produces high-volume u-grade and AA grade Kraft linerboard. The equipment is mainly configured with internationally renowned paper-making equipment such as Japan's Xiangchuan, Finland's vahhto, Germany's Voith, etc. Since the project was put into operation, the workshop has adhered to the spirit of "surpassing ourselves and challenging the limits", and has continuously reached new highs in production capacity and quality. However, as the projects of major domestic paper mills have been put into operation in succession, driven by advanced equipment such as shoe press and sizing machine, the market's requirements for product quality have been continuously improved. However, PM10 paper machine, which lacks these advanced equipment, has some problems, such as the product strength index is difficult to meet the product needs of market customers, the dependence on imported waste paper is large, the dryness of the extruded paper is low, and the energy consumption is high, As a result, the company's products are gradually at a disadvantage in the market competition

the company's PM10 sizing machine transformation project team proposed the technical transformation of PM10 sizing machine and made a feasibility analysis according to the increasing pressure and market needs of export enterprises. The expected transformation direction is to improve the company's product strength index through the transformation of headbox, shoe press and sizing machine, and reduce the comprehensive production cost, so as to improve the product market competitive advantage and increase the profit level of the machine, Enhance the sustainable development ability of the company

the project is provided with paper machines and key equipment by Daizhi company and PMP company, among which PMP company will provide Intelli jet V hydraulic headbox, Intelli nip shoe press and intelli sizer sizing machine, and China Light Industry Changsha Engineering Co., Ltd. will provide auxiliary systems and engineering general contracting

the general contracting project of Jingxing PM10 transformation is to carry out the technical transformation of the headbox, shoe press and sizing machine for the technology, experimental methods, market wait-and-see mood inspection rules and the requirements of signs, labels, operation instructions, packaging, storage, transportation, etc. of the quality inspection equipment for rubber and plastic products produced by the kraft liner paperboard machine, that is, to replace the liner headbox, change the two press large roller press to shoe press, and add a new sizing machine, It is also equipped with rubber preparation and feeding system, as well as the corresponding hood ventilation and paper damage system. The project must make full use of the existing plant space for transformation. This is not a simple "translation space", which will greatly increase the difficulty of design and construction. The purpose of implementation is to improve the product strength index and reduce the comprehensive production cost through this transformation, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of products and enhance the sustainable development ability of Jingxing paper industry

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