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Zhejiang Kaiyuan Hotel today roadshow Dongfang Electric expands overseas

Zhejiang Kaiyuan Hotel today roadshow, Ctrip as the cornerstone investor Kingdee (00268) expands cooperation with Huawei; Grab the exit 4 The effect decreases when the experimental machine is installed and changed for the first time. Dongfang Electric (01072) expands overseas and partially disassembles and reviews the equipment according to the plan; The investment income of insurance companies rose. According to the "old rumors", medium-sized banks cut the ceiling interest rate twice in the month, 10 million as low as 2.275%, and the leverage of China's stock market rebounded; Intelligent manufacturing industry is growing at a high speed, and tourism consumption is picking up; Demand drives cement price to stabilize, robinphillips, CO head of global banking, will leave

the off-season of construction machinery is not light; Pressure on manufacturing gross profit

Zijin (02899) speeds up the pace of going global

Tencent (00700) Alibaba lobbied the national market supervision and regulation department, plastic or electronic equipment is expected to be made of self destructing materials. Xiao Yaqing, director of the General Administration, recently received an exclusive interview with the Hong Kong stock exchange, which accepted that enterprises hold the same shares with different rights

huikong Holdings (00005) to attack Dawan district; There are new policies for medicine

the upgrading of telecommunications is conducive to the expansion of cross-border financial activities in Dawan district (00788)

; Mainland securities companies' stock earnings increased

the price of iron ore soared, and the gross profit of steel stocks was pressured

Hang Lung real estate (00101) auctioned 4 properties, with a total market value of about 9billion

Bank of China Aviation Leasing (02588) to expand aircraft assets; The price of chemical fertilizer is optimistic

Yuejiao (01052) has the concept of Dawan district; The price and volume of pork in the mainland rose simultaneously

Alibaba plans to purchase the Chinese business of German retailer Metro

msci to increase the proportion of A-share weight; New measures for connectivity

early 5g trial commercial use in the mainland

Ping An insurance (2318) is brewing the merger of one account one wallet to pave the way for future listing

Indian overseas banks put 11 units on sale, with more than half of them having a market value of more than 10 million yuan

Shenzhen brewing large investment; Da Ma Sha Jia noted that huikong (00005)

the fine unit of the central center of Jihui group was rented out by 190000, and the foot rent was 80 yuan

the seating rate of mainland films fell; Dongfang Electric (1072) hydropower unit business

international shipping freight fell; Iron ore price rise is beneficial to CITIC shares (00267)

China Wangwang (00151) Rio Tinto e-commerce; The single water supply pattern of Hong Kong and Shenzhen has changed

Yuexiu real estate (00123) has laid out its pension business; Chunjiang duck sweeps nuclear power stocks

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