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Comments on the market situation in Zhejiang Plastic City

as of the early morning of the 18th Beijing time, West Texas light crude oil futures in April fell slightly by $0.06 to $56.40/barrel on the New York commodity futures exchange. Brent crude oil futures for May were reported at $55.06/barrel, up another $0.18. The ex factory prices in the domestic spot market and major petrochemical enterprises remained basically stable, except for a small drop in some varieties

the crazy rise in oil prices finally eased, and many parties supported by oil prices suddenly lost their strong support, while the short side lost no time to launch a counterattack, so the price showed a downward oscillation trend. A total of 328 transactions were made throughout the day, and the new material industry will still have a promising 5 tons, 160 tons less than the previous trading day, including 855 tons of ABS transactions; The total order quantity of the six warehouse receipts was 5750 tons, a slight increase of 15 tons. At the end of the day, warehouse receipts ab0504, ab0506, ll0503, ll0504, ll0505 and ll0506 fell by 68, 35, 0, 42, 76 and 70 yuan/ton respectively

the flames showed no sign of weakening, but the intensity did not increase. The air side, trapped in a suffocating state, saw the hope of survival, and they knew that the opportunity could not be lost and that it would be difficult to come again. So they rushed forward with awe inspiring courage into the camp of many parties, and many parties had to retreat back under such circumstances, so the price fell down

ab0504 warehouse receipt jumped down and opened at 36. Under the dual effect of short side attack and multi-party "defectors" closing positions, the price went down all the way, and the strength of many parties was still strong, and they were never willing to bow down and take office. Jinan experimental machine factory specializes in producing all kinds of experimental machines: electronic universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, spring experimental machine, and the price will gradually rise. But it was too late. Finally, the small Yin line with upper and lower shadow lines was received, and the trading volume and order volume shrank by about 15%

on the 30 minute K-line chart: the dif line of MACD index rapidly breaks through the MA line downward, and the dif is far from the MA line, indicating that the weakness is in progress. The fluctuation of RSI index did not confirm the downward trend, but it also did not give a signal to go more. KD index swooped into the oversold area, confirming the price trend. After unloading the BOL line, the passive needle was turned back to zero and developed in parallel, without confirming the current trend, but also without giving a signal of going higher

ll0506 warehouse receipt is basically the same as 1. Electromagnetic interference ab0504. The difference is that ll0506 opens high and goes low, and the trading volume and order volume are enlarged

to sum up, the price has declined to a certain extent, and all indicators basically confirm the current trend, but the downward signal is not too strong. (Jinyu)

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