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Zhejiang Juxin carbon fiber entered the aerospace field

on May 18, in Zhejiang Juxin Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., located in Quzhou Economic Development Zone, workers were adjusting the test equipment to improve the level of valve equipment and improve the performance of the device... Sunxingxiang, the boss of Juxin carbon fiber, said that the company immediately sent the first batch of products for inspection on April 26, 2. The multilayer hard protective shell adopting the new ultracom combination technology will be displayed. On the 8th, Shandong Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center issued a test report, indicating that the tensile strength and bulk density of the product have reached the standards of well-known Japanese enterprises. "This means that more than 3/4 of the internationally advanced and domestic hot-air plastic granulators are first-class products in June 2013, and can be used to produce ablative parts in aerospace equipment."

"when the test report of national aerospace 703 Institute comes out on May 25, our products will be officially put into the market in batches." Sunxingxiang said that the current specification of 1K carbon fiber is 3000 yuan/kg. After the stable production of the unit, the annual production capacity of the company's two production lines is 1000 tons, which is one of the best in China

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