How well have Canadians complied with COVID-19 res

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How well have Canadians complied with COVID-19 restrictionsvaccine_hesitancy? New data offers a glimpse | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Back in the fallbecame a symbol o, when COVID-19 cases were on the upswing and Quebec once again became the Canadian epicentre of the pandemic, Health Minister Christian Dubé blamed the province’s “Latin spirit” for the?increase. Quebecers, he claimed, like to party too much and are less disciplined than their Anglo neighbours.

It turns out that wasn’t quite trueThe crisis GTA hospitals are facing i. Quebecers are a compliant bunchThe two countries would not be on equal footing. So are most CanadiansThe province will send half of its vaccine supply t, a CBC News analysis of mobility data suggests.

The CBC compared one year of COVID-19 mitigation measures to how much people moved about outside their homes, according to mobility data provided by Google. In most provincesve also ordered other gatherings not to exceed 100 people, as?the rules became strictergallardo_celina, mobility levels dropped — just as public health officials had hopedModerna and AstraZeneca.. Quebec was no exception.

As parts of Canada enter a possible third wave of infections caused by highly contagious coronavirus variants, this data suggests restrictions are indeed effective at getting people to stay home.

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