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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (10.26)

on October 26, driven by the good production and sales rate on the weekend, the price in the polyester market today is still rising inertia, but the hot selling atmosphere pursued a few days ago has slowed down as a whole, and the gap between the production and sales rates of spinning factories across the country has widened

at present, chip spinning manufacturers in the market produce semi extinction fdy50d/24f and fdy6 household appliance socket switches, which belong to class 1 small household appliances, and the market center prices of 3d/24f are yuan/ton and yuan/ton respectively. The market center prices of dty75d/36f, dty100d/36f, dty150d/48f are 12600 yuan/ton, 11800 yuan/ton and 11200 yuan/ton respectively; Poy100d/36f and poy1 show a positive difference. The market center price of 150d/48f is 102 yuan/ton and 9900 yuan/ton respectively. Sales: today, the sales of fdy50d and 75D bright silk varieties in FDY silk are good, mainly due to the relatively dynamic sales of five satins and satins. Among DTY wires, dty75d/36f, 150d/48f and dty75d black wires are difficult to manufacture and sell single-layer graphene. In POY silk, 100d/36fpoy textured silk is still the main sales. From the perspective of the overall market situation, the downstream weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises have prepared a certain amount of materials for purchase a few days ago. Although the downstream has more or less resisted after the large price rise of polyester, the inventory of chemical fiber spinning plants is low, and the price of upstream raw materials continues to rise. With the help of cost psychology, the price in the polyester market will continue to rise in the short term

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