The hottest Tianjiao outer market continued to ris

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Tianjiao outer disc continued to rise

Tianjiao outer disc continued to rise in the whole process of sports today, and the transaction was relatively light. The price of domestic rubber is stable, and the supply of Vietnamese rubber is tight

mainstream transaction price: Northeast standard 1 yuan/ton, North China Standard 1 yuan/ton, futures rubber standard 1 yuan/ton, East China Standard 1 yuan/ton, Vietnam 3L rubber sample width measured with vernier caliper 000 yuan/ton (17% votes), South China Vietnam technical specification for lightweight aggregate concrete JGJ 51 ⑵ 0023l rubber yuan/ton (without tickets)

tomorrow's reminder: Tokyo futures is rebounding recently due to the operation of the fund, and the external market of Tianjiao may fall less in the short term supported by this

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