The hottest Tianjiao bull market fell sharply, and

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After the Tianjiao bull market fell sharply, the market rise can still be expected.

after the Shanghai rubber futures price hit a new high at the end of May, we began to talk about the structure of high and low temperature impact testing machine and common faults and troubleshooting from the perspective of historical experience. The continuous decline has been achieved. So far, the benchmark contract price of Tokyo rubber has fallen from 324.5 yen/kg, and China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, to 261 yen/kg, down 63.5 yen/kg or 19.6%; The October contract of Shanghai Jiaotong fell from the previous high of 30075 yuan/ton to 22320 yuan/ton, down 7755 yuan/ton or 25.8%. Whether in terms of absolute decline or relative decline, the sharp decline in rubber prices is unprecedented in this bull market. It has greatly dampened the bull atmosphere in the market. Is the bull market of Tianjiao over


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