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Tianjiao futures significantly reduced its positions by more than 13000 hands

Shanghai Tianjiao significantly reduced its positions by 13276 hands on Monday, ranking first in all varieties. From the perspective of trend, all contracts maintained shock consolidation within the day, and most of them closed slightly higher. Among them, the main 1001 contract opened at 17210 yuan/ton and closed at 17440 yuan/ton, up 55 yuan/ton from the settlement price on September 18. The trading volume was 495344 hands and the position was 130642 hands

the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) was closed on September 21 because it coincided with a public holiday in Japan. The latest data released in the previous period showed that the natural rubber inventory of the previous period continued to increase in the week of September 18, with an increase of 118 tons to 91669 tons compared with the week of September 11, and the growth rate slowed down

in other aspects, the official FOB quotation of Malaysian standard adhesive SMR20 in October remained stable in the morning on the 21st, and the official FOB quotation of Thai Bangkok cigarette adhesive RSS3 in October remained stable. The spot prices in the main production areas of Asia have continued to rise after sharp falls. On the one hand, the spot market has not been seriously affected by the change of block size guarantee by changing the composition of monomers and different monomers in the high-molecular chain. On the other hand, the Chinese government is starting to treat the tire industry, because unemployment endangers social stability, and the recovery of the global auto market has partially offset this bad news. The downward trend of spot prices has not started, which does not constitute a significant support for the futures market

Zhengzhou PTA futures ranked first with an increase of nearly 30000 positions, and the total position increased significantly to 238708. The trading volume and positions of the main 911 contracts increased significantly, with 539584 transactions and positions increased by 29264 to 178110 throughout the day. During the 911 contract day, the opening price was 6780 yuan/ton. The intraday futures price fluctuated upward, and the highest price surged to 6872 yuan/ton. However, it dived before the close, and finally closed at 6826 yuan/ton, up 18 points or 0.26% from the settlement price on the 18th. The daily K-line closed at the small positive line, and the moving average system is still short

the spot market continued to decline, the seller's offer price in the domestic material market was reduced by 50 yuan/ton to around 6850 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market fell to about 6800 yuan/ton, a decrease of yuan/ton. The atmosphere in the outer market was light. The general offer price of cargo fell to US dollars/ton, down US dollars/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market fell by US dollars/ton to between US dollars/ton if the company produced in China. The actual transaction is not much, and the negotiation is light

generally speaking, the fundamental factors of PTA market have not changed. The current low closing of upstream crude oil futures and the decline in the price of raw material p-xylene continue to drag down the PTA Market on the cost side. However, the contradiction between market supply and demand has not been alleviated, and the overall confidence of the market is not strong. Therefore, the PTA market is expected to remain weak and volatile in the short term

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