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Tianjin Binhai Automation Exhibition guides regional industrial upgrading

Tianjin Binhai New Area has come from behind, becoming the fastest-growing new area among the four national new areas, and also a gathering place for large-scale national projects. The China International Industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition held in the new area truly reflects the development process of the modern manufacturing base in Binhai New Area

Binhai New Area has gradually become an important place for Electromechanical industry

among the four national new areas, Shanghai Pudong New Area was established the earliest and has the greatest reputation, followed by Tianjin Binhai New Area, and these two new areas are often compared. The economic scale of Pudong New Area, as the leader, has been far ahead, but this situation changed last year. According to the data disclosed by the national development and Reform Commission, in the first half of 2010, the total GDP of Binhai New Area and Pudong New Area was 223.128 billion yuan and 222.663 billion yuan respectively, and Binhai New Area exceeded Pudong New Area by nearly 500million yuan. In the first three quarters, the gap was widened to 20billion yuan. According to the estimates of relevant departments, this gap will continue to widen to 96billion yuan this year, and the GDP growth target of Binhai New Area is 20%

Tianjin has grown from a traditional industrial city dominated by light and textile industry to a modern manufacturing base, realizing a magnificent turn from an old textile to a big rocket. Wang Tianwei, director of Tianjin Institute of economic development, said

the modern manufacturing base mentioned by Wang Tianwei mainly refers to the aerospace industry, large ethylene, large oil refining and other national projects invested in Binhai New Area in recent years. In early 2010, Binhai New Area plans to arrange 455 key projects with a total investment of 959.8 billion yuan, following the launch of 375 industrial projects with more than 50million yuan in the aluminum alloy cable connection solution (an important problem of using aluminum alloy cables) in February 2009. There are 925 key construction projects with a total investment of more than 50million yuan this year, with a total investment of 1277.2 billion yuan, and a planned investment of 331.2 billion yuan in 2011

industrial development is the basis for holding relevant exhibitions, which cannot be separated from the basic needs of the industry. Now, facing the huge development potential brought by the industrial upgrading strategy driven by major projects in Binhai New Area, relevant exhibitions have also emerged. Among them, the electromechanical integration and industrial automation exhibition, as the main direction of industrial structure optimization and upgrading, has attracted extensive attention in the industry, and Binhai New Area has gradually become a must for electromechanical enterprises nationwide and even globally

as one of the three major automation exhibitions in China, the seventh China International Industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (2011ciai) will open in Tianjin on August 18, 2011. It is reported that Omron, Yamaha, Xinnong, Siemens, Turk, beijiafu, baluf, Hummer, pirci, Tianyi group, Zhonghuan electronics, Luosheng, Advantech, Hollysys, Ge, sew, Phoenix Contact, rub of Italy, Shitai of Korea, Sanyuan, otonix, Amphenol of the United States, fluke, IMA electronics, SEG, unilide, Rapp, 3D force control, ASUS, Weiqiang, machiyang Famous enterprises in the industry, such as the Spanish machine tool association, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute, hating, Baichao, archishamir, Shanshan, Mitsubishi, Han's laser, Tianjin first machinery, Tianjin forging, Qinchuan development, will gather in Binhai

provide an international platform for the industry

the participation of so many heavyweight enterprises stems from the high quality and high specification standards that the exhibition has always adhered to. It is reported that the exhibition area of the last Tianjin automation exhibition reached 35000 square meters, with a total of 430 exhibitors, attracting nearly 37000 industry people to visit. The exhibition report shows that the transaction volume promoted by the exhibition site is as high as 260million yuan, and the intended transaction volume is as high as 1.5 billion yuan. Domestic and foreign exhibitors highly recognize 2010ciai. I feel that the customers who came this time are more professional and targeted. Many of our big and small customers have also come. I feel that this exhibition is relatively successful. Ms. Chen Yiyin, marketing manager of IMA sensor, commented on the last exhibition

in terms of overseas exhibitors, the main machine part of the German electronic laboratory machine consists of a floor frame composed of a guide column, an upper beam, a middle beam and a workbench. Ten exhibition groups from the United States, Italy, Japan and other countries participated in the exhibition, and the exhibition area of 600 square meters in Taiwan, China exhibition group became a hot spot. Ms. Zeng Lihua, head of the Taiwan Electrical and electronic industry association, said: the exhibition was very good, and the audience were quite professional. We have collected a lot of information about mainland enterprises and established preliminary relationships with some enterprises. We will continue to pay attention to the mainland Automation Exhibition and look forward to cooperating again next year

at the last exhibition, professional visitors also gained a lot. Ding Renxing, engineer of China Academy of launch vehicle technology, said: the launch vehicle project has invested billions in Binhai, and we have high hopes for its development in Binhai. During this exhibition, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. We originally held a try attitude. After coming, we found that the exhibition was large in scale and high in internationalization, which brought us a lot of emerging technical information. The general manager of Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. Qi Li resolution: 1/500000 Takemoto San said in an interview: FAW Toyota has always regarded Tianjin as the first choice city to invest in China, and is seeking new investment opportunities in Binhai. We saw many new electromechanical technology products at the exhibition, which is very meaningful

for this exhibition held in August, Zhang Hejun, head of the exhibition organizing committee, said: at present, professional exhibitions are increasingly showing a mixed picture. Some exhibitions are held twoorthree times a year, which has had an adverse impact on the industry market. Our Tianjin automation exhibition will continue to maintain a high-level and high-standard exhibition route, and provide a high-quality trading platform for global enterprises concerned about the coastal market. The European Chamber of Commerce, the American Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association, the Italian Foreign Trade Commission and other foreign industry organizations will continue to assist Ciai in international exhibition recruitment to ensure the international quality of the exhibition

it is reported that Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tianjin Lingang Industrial Zone, Tianjin Dongli District, Wuqing District, Xiqing Economic Development Zone, Jinnan Economic Development Zone, Beichen Science and Technology Park, Hangu Industrial Park and other Bohai Rim industrial parks also continue to cooperate with ciai2011, providing participants with opportunities and platforms to go deep into Binhai New Area and Tianjin Bohai Rim market

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