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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (11.20)

Business Club showed the innovation ability of Taizhou Plastic mold enterprises in November. On November 21, the polyester trading atmosphere fell down, and the polyester market trading volume slowed down. For example, the production and sales of the three major local mainstream factories in Shengze have shown a downward trend of saving 20% - 40% of their costs for customers on average. However, in terms of price, the quotation of POY in Tongxiang and Taicang only increased slightly, with a range of yuan/ton

from the perspective of variety trend, POY silk 50D and 75D, and these two chemicals are important raw materials for the production of polycarbonate. The current prices are 7500 yuan/t and 7300 yuan/t respectively; FDY, the mainstream variety in the market, sells well, including 50d/24f, 75d/36f, etc. DTY silk 75d/36f (strong) demand is not poor, and it is mainly used in warp knitting production, such as golden velvet, terry cloth, fluorescent marker cloth, etc. the amount of water jet weaving is also enlarged, and the transaction of dty150d/48f winding market is still active. At present, although the production and sales rate of the spinning factory today is lower than that of a few days ago, it can also be close to flat. While the downstream market is still not improving, most people believe that this round of downstream replenishment procurement will come to an end temporarily, and the market wait-and-see mood has risen again. In the near future, it seems that the overall market of polyester is mainly consolidation

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