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Tianhong sunshine plans to invest 600million yuan to build 60MW crystalline silicon photovoltaic power station recently, the author learned at the signing ceremony of investment cooperation between Hejing county and Tianhong Sunshine New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. that the enterprise plans to invest 600million yuan to build 60MW crystalline silicon photovoltaic power station in the North Industrial Park of Hejing county

according to the introduction, the project will mainly use the concrete press in Hejing Industrial Park, which is mainly used to test the compressive strength of building data test blocks such as concrete, cement, high-strength bricks, fire-resistant materials, etc., and install photovoltaic modules to build crystalline silicon cell photovoltaic power stations. The generated electric energy can realize income through the combination with national electricity. Compared with traditional thermal power generation, the scope of application of this project: the average annual saving of standard coal and the reduction of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions are very considerable

in addition, the project not only does not occupy the land index of the park, but also is a new energy project vigorously supported by the state during the 12th Five Year Plan period, which will contribute to the energy conservation and emission reduction work of Hejing County Industrial Park

according to huangxiaohong, chairman of Tianhong Sunshine New Energy Investment Co., Ltd.: "Xinjiang is rich in light resources, and the annual average sunshine hours are 2500 ~ 3550 hours, ranking the second in the country. Gobi, desert, sandy land, etc. can be used, which is very suitable for the development of large-scale photovoltaic power stations. This phase of Tianhua sunshine 60MW photovoltaic power station project uses the roof of standardized workshops in Hejing County Industrial Park, installs photovoltaic modules, and has good conditions for power generation. It can realize the annual transmission of nearly 10 million kwh of electricity, and at the same time, the annual average annual output is 3895 tons of standard coal can be saved, more than 10000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced, and 65 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions can be reduced. "

the modern plant in Hejing Industrial Park provides a good basic environment for the investment and construction of the project. Coupled with the good economic development momentum of Hejing, Huang Xiaohong is very confident in the investment prospects of the project

Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hejing Industrial Park Tan Tian, director of the management committee, said: "Hejing county is in the period of development and construction, which is a key period to accelerate transformation and development and strive to achieve leapfrog development. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in our county. This signing is another new achievement of Hejing county's great opening-up, investment attraction, development and leap forward. After the construction of the project, it will effectively improve the atmospheric environment of the development zone composed of long-chain elements, improve the level of energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the regeneration of resources in Hejing development zone Use to play a positive role. " Zhonghua glass () Department

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