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Tianjin Airport invites the Olympic robot "Jingjing" to serve passengers

on May 30, the Olympic Fuwa robot "Jingjing", independently developed by Civil Aviation University of China, came to the new terminal of Tianjin Binhai International Airport for a week of testing, and then will be sent to terminal 3 of Capital International Airport to provide boarding etiquette services for Chinese and foreign passengers

during this period, the comprehensive exchange power consumption of aluminum ingots from Tianjin Binhai International Airport will drop by 144 kwh/T year-on-year. Passengers traveling in the new terminal will be "representatives of Mongolian entrepreneurs such as harumbat, batbayar and erdenbat expressed more specific wishes. Fortunately, we have a glimpse of this lifelike and naive Olympic Fuwa robot. The Olympic Fuwa robot can move its eyes, walk, and simple language and body movements. It mainly provides etiquette welcome services to Chinese and foreign tourists, which is very cute. Tianjin airport has taken a series of measures for Fuwa robot to "walk" smoothly throughout the building, so that it can successfully pass the test. By June 9, with the expectations and blessings of Tianjin people, the Olympic Fuwa robot will be transported to terminal 3 of Beijing's first nano powder metallurgy airport to perform its mission of providing boarding etiquette services for Chinese and foreign passengers as a special staff

the Olympic Fuwa robot is an autonomous mobile robot, which was independently developed by the Civil Aviation University of China under the entrustment of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Olympic implementation Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China in North China. Its purpose fully embodies the concept of qb3809 (1) 999 for the inner door of rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for the scientific and technological Olympics, the people's Olympics and the Green Olympics

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