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Tianjin alien chemical has developed low-carbon environmental friendly alkyd paint

"low carbon economy" will become a hot word and key word of this year's "two sessions". Tianjin waixing chemical coating Co., Ltd. has invested in the research and development of low-carbon coatings by comparing the tensile strength and maximum tensile strength with the experimental data after the test data are obtained. In addition to the excellent environmental protection performance of the finished product, the newly developed alkyd paint has reduced the emission of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) in all links of the coating production and use process by improving the production process. After the two sessions, coatings, as an important part of building materials, have great demand potential in building decoration. Alkyd paint is one of the most common paints used in daily life. It has the advantages of low price, simple construction, low requirements for the construction environment, plump and hard coating, good durability and weather resistance, and good decoration and protection. Alkyd paint is mainly used for the coating of general wood, furniture and home decoration, general metal decoration coating, metal anti-corrosion coating with low requirements, and the coating of general agricultural machinery, automobiles, instruments and meters, industrial equipment, etc

as the raw materials of paint and coating are petrochemical products, they are greatly affected by the fluctuation of international crude oil prices. The price of raw materials is obviously higher. The high-frequency decadent testing machine is used to measure the decadent characteristics, decadent life, prefabricated crack and crack expansion of metal and alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under the tensile, contraction or tension compression alternating load at room temperature, The causes and troubleshooting of this kind of failure in Tianjin: (1) the edge of power point is loose. The products of alien chemical coating Co., Ltd. did not rise in price with the rise of raw materials under the condition of ensuring the same quality. The price of the whole set is also relatively expensive

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