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Combined steel formwork safety operation instructions

the combined steel formwork is composed of two parts: the steel formwork should also make the metallographic polishing machine rotate and move the plate and accessories back and forth along the radius of the turntable. Steel formwork includes plane formwork, internal corner formwork, external corner formwork, connecting corner formwork and other forms (such as trapezoid, triangular keyway formwork, etc.). Fittings mainly include connectors and supports, including U-shaped cards, L-shaped pins, hook bolts, Hu Die cards, etc. the supports mainly adopt steel pipes

3015 and 1015 plane formworks are mainly used widely, which are composed of panels and ribs. The thickness of panels is 2.5mm or 2.75mm, and the thickness of ribs is 2.8mm. The combined steel formwork can be assembled into all formwork of various situations and specifications according to the construction requirements

operation flow chart of combined steel formwork

3.1 when transported by car, the formwork that exceeds the height of the carriage railing must be tied firmly with ropes, and the carriage or formwork shall be prevented from carrying people at the same time

3.2 during transportation, the driver must follow the road traffic regulations and the speed should not be too fast

3.3 the formwork transported to the construction site must be stacked neatly and leveled with square timbers at the bottom. The stacking should not be too high and beware of dumping

3.4 when the formwork is hoisted into the warehouse, the lifting staff must stop giving instructions and hooking, the formwork must be tied tightly, and the traction rope must be tied under it to prevent a single rope from lifting and other objects from being entrained in the formwork; Various fasteners of the formwork must be installed in the East-West bag. When it needs to be lifted, the hanging basket must be used

3.5 prevent the formwork from being stacked near the edge. When stacking on the scaffold and construction platform, it must be stable to prevent slipping. The stacking shall not exceed the limited load and shall not affect the traffic

4.1 zhaoduan warehouse formwork

combined steel formwork has become the target of many scientific researchers. If assembled on site, zhaoduan warehouse formwork has many ways. These building blocks must be combined with billions of Lego building blocks currently in use in the world. The most common way is:

4.1.1 construction setting out

4.1.2 first set up two or three front templates

4.1.3 vertical enclosure and horizontal enclosure for packaging waste treatment and resource recycling

4.1.4 lengthen and heighten

4.1.5 whole standard, upper brace

4.1.6 add guardrails on the top of the formwork as required, so as to form a closed safety protection during pouring and warehousing

4.1.7 finishing (tightening strip, patching, scraping, painting, etc.)

4.2 formwork removal and erection

4.2.1 when removing the formwork, first remove the Hu die clamp screw, and then the horizontal girdling order

4.2.2 loosen the vertical enclosure and fix it firmly at the exposed screw of the upper opening

4.2.3 remove the steel formwork and heighten it, and then put on the horizontal fence. The steel formwork of the concrete receiving surface shall not be removed, and it shall be added based on this formwork

4.2.4 the later method is the same as that of zhaoduancang

4.3 roof panel construction

4.3.1 after the roof formwork support is fragmentary and passes the acceptance, the composite steel formwork panel can be paved. The panel is leveled with a wooden wedge, scraped with ash, painted with oil, and pasted with cloth strips. After passing the acceptance, it can be put into use (see the relevant contents of the "scaffold construction work instructions" for the support fragmentary construction)

4.3.2 after the concrete strength meets the requirements, the formwork and its supporting parts can be removed: loosen the connecting buckle between the roof formwork remove the supporting fragmentary top beam of the roof formwork and the panel successively remove other roof panels remove the support fragments

4.4 Enron requirements

4.4.1 the combined steel formwork of the device should generally be stopped from bottom to top. After the formwork is in place, the U-shaped card and L-shaped bolt shall be installed in time. After the enclosure device is installed, the bolts shall be fastened. At the same time, erect supports to ensure the stability of the formwork, and the welding of braces must ensure the quality

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