Analysis of recent plastic raw material Market II

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Recent market analysis of plastic raw materials (II)

driven by a variety of good news, the price of high-density polyethylene continues to rise sharply. Daqing Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, South Korea Hunan and South Korea Petrochemical 5000S and E308 wire drawing, such as train wheels and steel track materials, have risen to 6900-7000 yuan, an increase of 400-500 yuan over the previous week; Dushanzi Petrochemical 6070, Panjin Ethylene 5070, Fushun Petrochemical 2908, Daqing Petrochemical 2200j and other injection plastics. The market price is 6900 ~ 7200 yuan, up 300 ~ 400 yuan from the previous week; Qilu Petrochemical produces 6098, Shanghai Jinfei produces tr144, Yangzi Petrochemical produces 7000F and other film materials. The current market price is 6800 ~ 7150 yuan, up 400 ~ 500 yuan. The market price of blow molding hollow materials such as Shanghai Jinfei, Korean forest 5502 and Korean petrochemical b303 has risen to 6600 ~ 6900 yuan, and the actual increase is 300 ~ 400 yuan. The price of high-density polyethylene has risen faster and larger than expected. At present, the focus of the industry is how long this momentum can last. It is difficult to predict this under the circumstances of changeable market and increasing uncertainties, but some operators believe that this momentum may continue until May. Supported by many positive factors, the price of polypropylene increased by 500 ~ 600 yuan in this period. The market quotation of homopolymer grade flat filament material has risen to 6700 ~ 6900 yuan, homopolymer grade film material is 6800 yuan, and copolymer grade injection plastic is 6600 ~ 7000 yuan. The main factors driving this round of price rise: first, stimulated by the sharp rise in polyethylene prices; Second, the petrochemical manufacturers have a long return period and low inventory, and the price rises one after another; Third, driven by the rising price of propylene in the international market and the speculation of traders, the quotation for polypropylene increased significantly; Fourth, the dealers are optimistic about the future market, which makes the market atmosphere higher step by step. However, some operators believe that the main reason for the current rise in polypropylene prices is the rise in oil prices in the international market. As the oil price rises, it is difficult to ensure its sustainability. Moreover, the recovery of downstream products industry is still relatively slow. The rise of product prices is too late to deal with the sudden change of plastic raw material market. The inability of effective demand to rise significantly shows the user's resistance to price increases. Therefore, it is expected that there may be a period of consolidation after the recent sharp rise in polypropylene prices

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